Price Development of Selected Rare Earths

These price charts show the price development of rare earth metals in the most common trading form. Please note that the charts are for orientation purposes and do not represent a concrete offer. The price always depends on the quantity of the delivery and other factors.

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Dysprosium, Neodymium, Praseodymium, Terbium


Important Role in E-mobility and Wind Power

Dysprosium is used as an alloy component in a range of high-tech applications. The European Union and the US classify the metal as a critical raw material. According to the German Mineral Resources Agency, by 2040, the demand for dysprosium could increase to 687% of the 2018 production of refined metal production.

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Indispensable Component of the Energy and Transportation Transition

The most common applications of neodymium – and important global demand driver – are powerful permanent magnets. The mining and processing of neodymium into permanent magnets is dominated by China, which is why supply is classified as critical. A German Mineral Resources Agency study notes that, by 2040, demand for neodymium could rise by up to 227% of primary production in 2018.

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Important Element for Strong Permanent Magnets

Like neodymium, praseodymium will continue to be a sought-after raw material. The metal is used in permanent magnets, considered a growth market due to their importance in increasingly important technologies such as electromobility and wind power. Since few countries mine and produce praseodymium, there’s a supply risk associated with the projected increase in demand. As with neodymium, the German Mineral Resources Agency believes demand for praseodymium could double by 2040 to 227% of the 2018 production of the refined metal.

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A Critical Raw Material With a Central Role in Future Technologies

Terbium is classified as a particularly critical raw material due to its rarity. In addition to its use in permanent magnets, its application in other green technologies, such as semiconductors and fuel cells, could further drive demand. The German Mineral Resources Agency predicts that demand for terbium in 2040 may be up to 687% of the 2018 production of the refined metal.

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